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New home or existing premises, Epest provides termite inspection and eradication solutions to strict Australian AS3660 standards. The termite services we offer include:

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Annual Termite and Pre-Purchase Inspections
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Installation of termite barriers/treated zones and
reticulation systems
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Termite baiting system installations
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QLD Health and QBCC Licensed
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Fully insured with Pacific International
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Up to 8 year warranty on chemical installations
Termite trail on timber house stump  (Nasuititermes Spp.)
Termite trail on timber house stump (Nasuititermes Spp.)
Termite Damage
Termite Damage

Why is it so Important

Termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in structural damage annually, with at least 1 in 5 homes attacked. The Queensland climate and modern construction methods provide the perfect environment for these destructive pest.

Once inside a building, termites can eat up to a kilogram of timber each day, consuming structural and decorative timbers 24 hours around the clock.


Here are some of our most common questions our clients ask

How often should I inspect my home?

Get at least one annual termite inspections by your licensed and insured Epest termite inspector. Remember, your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make, much larger than your car which also requires regular servicing.

Do termites eat hardwood?

Do not let anyone tell you termites will not eat hardwood. We have seen termites that avoid pine and only eat hardwood timbers, and some species are not fussy at all. Steel framed homes are not exempt from termite attacks either.

What should I do if I have termites?

Do not disturb active termites inside your home as it can cause them to leave the damaged area and move elsewhere within your home. DIY treatments of termite infestations seldom work and can cost you more in the long run. Leave the termite treatment to your professional termite control technician to eradicate the infestation.

Is there anything I can do outside?

Do not store conducive materials against the external walls of your home or under buildings that may attract termites eg, firewood, cardboard boxes, timber pallets etc. Be sure to fix any signs of leaky outdoor taps too.

How do I prevent termites?

Reduce areas of moisture in or around the home and fix any signs of leaky taps. Implement your termite inspector’s recommendations, after all, that is why you engaged the termite inspector to inspect your home in the first place.

Are Epest’s services expensive?

To get an idea of costs, please call us on 07 3209 9955 or contact us via our email or our contact page. Every home is different, and every termite invasion is different. However, one thing is certain; the cost of not treating termites far outweighs the cost of treating them.

Epest have been our pest control and termite management provider for over ten years, and we are absolutely thrilled with Tim and Julia's exceptional level of service. Their knowledge of the industry and best practices for our home is second to none. Tim is always incredibly thorough, and his attention to detail and level of professionalism simply cannot be beaten. Epest are honest, trustworthy and fantastic to deal with, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We continue to have the utmost confidence in Tim and Julia's services and products, and will not entrust the management of pest control at our home to anyone else.

Katrina & Mark – Eatons Hill

Epest has been managing the control of pests in our home for many years. Living in a semi-rural environment we see pressure from many different pests however where we maintain the Epest program there has never been any issues. Tim and the team are friendly with great advice and service. Most importantly what they do works while being safe for our family. And after each program the price continues to be a pleasant surprise.

Michael & Nicole – Kenmore

Tim and Julia have been providing pest and termite control services for us for close to 10 years. The service we receive is exceptional. Tim is a true professional and expert in his field. Together with their business integrity, reliability, and down to earth demeanour, we have complete confidence and trust in the service Tim and Julia provide to us. In all the years they have been delivering service to us, we have never been disappointed - it is a delight to deal with them

Debbie & Peter - Kuraby

Brands We Trust

At Epest we believe that the safety of your family, pets and home is paramount. We always put the environment first, and use only the best brands to treat your pest problem.
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